Pics Or It Didn't Happen

Hey you!

I just wanted to touch in to say that you’re awesome.

I’m receiving an overwhelming response since the launch of A Broken Promise.

At first I wasn’t as optimistic about the launch. I was excited to share my work but I didn’t think too much would come out of it. I made an order of only 100 copies to be printed – most of them already claimed by family and friends. I was more nervous however, or preparing for the worst. I thought that the reviews would be terrible and nobody would want to buy it. Especially with lack of knowledge and funds for marketing.

 I have just placed a larger order that I’m waiting to arrive. This time being express posted – who knew that would ever happen!? The feedback that I am receiving from you guys via email and private messages is incredible and motivating me to write the second book with more passion than ever before!

I have received heaps of selfies from you guys reading my book and it brings tears to my eyes! Please send your selfies through to

And if you haven't purchased your copy yet, you can grab it on the 'Bookshelf' link to the left.

But like, please don’t be weird. I am asking in a non-creepy way. Even though it sounds creepy to ask but like, please just be normal if you send one through. Promise!?

Happy snapping guys! Can’t wait to see what my readers look like!                                        

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  • It’s always difficult to be proud of our work! But when we see success coming our way, it’s time to rejoice! I am happy for you.

    Marie Kléber

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