Inspired by Stephen King

Hey all,

So recently whilst searching in the shed for a ream of paper to print on, I stumbled across an old folder full of my writing projects from when I was a child. 

I thought all of this had been lost over the years of moving along with the rest of my childhood memories but somehow this folder was saved.

The pages are heavily weathered and stuck together and I am working on trying to salvage as much as I can. 

I decided to share with you the first story that I was able to save. 

This story was written at the age of seven when I was a young girl and English was my second language. All of the grammar and word placement is original from the story (even I'm surprised!)

I think I may have been a wannabe Stephen King..

I hope you enjoy!!


The Killer Within

There was a man who was lost in the forest.

Night fell and he didn’t know what to do, but just before the light went completely he found a hollow tree. Climbing into it, he decided to wait until morning, and settled down to spend the night in the tree.

After a while, he thought he heard a voice. He was about to call out when he heard another voice, and for some reason he remained silent.

There was something strange about the voices, something which made him want to stay in the hollow tree.

He eventually fell asleep and the men walked off and broke into a nearby house. Everyone inside the house, including the guard dog was fast asleep.

The men with suspicious voices killed the dog and afterwards, the rest of the family in each room of the house.

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