Cleaning Out The Closet

Hey y’all!

Wow, I’m so nervous to do this..

In celebration of the launch of my next novelette, I have decided to unveil myself to the world; my real self.

Masked behind the pseudonym ‘Solitary Writing’ breathes an Australian writer, Miss Nataša Filipova. 

I suppose you’re wondering ..who’s this Nataša character that’s been hiding behind an imaginary facade? Well, I ask myself the same question daily and, well, as much as I love writing, constructing a brief bio about myself did not come easily. Nevertheless, here goes nothing *drum roll*.


Nataša Filipova writes under a melancholic spell of tragedy. When she’s not writing, she’s either looking out into the universe through the lens of her telescope, or gazing out of an airplane window as she travels from place to place, a true globetrotter and stargazer.

 An Australian author, her writing is at its best when touring the country of setting, clearly envisioning the story taking place as she goes, stimulating her creative spark.

After writing poetry and prose under the pseudonym ‘Solitary Writing’ for several years, she has finally decided to shed her veil of mystery and introduce herself to the world.


Leave some feedback in the comments section below as I always enjoy reading your thoughts. And stay tuned for the launch this weekend!


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