An Unveiled Truth

by Solitary Writing

A Broken Promise

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About the Author

I am just a simple girl, delicate; beneath your radar. The ordinary, nameless girl that you push past on a busy street. The girl who is left behind when more exciting plans arise; the girl who follows behind when only two of three friends can fit side by side on the concrete footpath.

The girl who’s heart never seems to mend as she can’t accept that not everyone can love with the capacity that she does. The one who pushes people away with her affection and always finds herself alone in crowded places.

I am that girl. The one that you will not look at twice, but if you do, you will certainly never look into my heart for what it’s worth; a million red roses and a never-ending pool of white wine.

And I am that voiceless girl who has found her voice hidden in words.

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Cleaning Out The Closet

Cleaning Out The Closet

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Turn on post notifications!

Turn on post notifications!

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writing about reading about writing

writing about reading about writing

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